Life. Style.


The Resident Experience

It’s never just a building to us. We see a home. The people who live there have lives we get to interact with. Because those lives can be increasingly hectic, over-scheduled and distracted, the home becomes a much-needed retreat, a special place to relax, entertain, dine and recharge. Anything we can do to minimize hassle and stress is our opportunity to excel. Bringing together incomparable professional expertise with our caring personal touch is a winning combination for the resident and, ultimately, the owner.


Value Added, and Then Some

As new generations enter the multifamily market, preferences and tastes are changing while expectations are rising. Hospitality is now an increasingly sought-after component of the 24/7 lifestyle, and Willowick Residential understands how to deliver an elevated experience. Our property teams possess the abilities and sensibilities of a true concierge and are able to provide a new level of service. More-satisfied residents lead to higher retention, which translates into revenue preservation and greater value. By understanding the market, the owner, and the residents, we’re able to readily anticipate and satisfy the needs of each.








Value Added


Ownership Mentality – Caring For Properties And People

The backbone of our strength is that we know the real estate and the markets better than anyone. Our research team follows every major North American market, so we’re continuously informed, educated and ahead-of-trend. Our executive team leaders are perhaps the most detail-oriented in the industry. On the ground at each property, our property teams are highly experienced and thoroughly and thoughtfully trained to reach for a higher bar — “The Hines Standard.” The benefits to ownership: delivering a superior level of service, cost-effective building management and above-industry retention.